5 Twitter applications to improve your popularity and relevance

We the TwitterersAccording to the latest Anderson Analytics Survey if you are on Twitter you are part of the super-user entrepreneurial group interested in sharing and connecting with others about many subjects,  blogs and sometimes even businesses. For this  to happen we the Twitterers need to increase our networks and a good way to do this is by improving our popularity and relevance.

There are different roads to take to be relevant in Twitter, In my opinion, to be relevant, you need good content that adds value to others and also you need to build a relevant network of contacts.

I have tested different applications that serve these purposes, today I want to share with you the 5 coolest and useful ones I have found:


tweeffectFind out which of your Twitter updates made people follow or leave you by simply entering your Twitter ID the application analyzes your 200 latest updates and flag those up that made people follow or leave you. With this app you will be able to tweak your Tweets!



twitpollCreate Twitter Polls!! This is a feedback tool that helps you to create and distribute polls on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Find out what your followers are thinking engage with them get their feedback.



Twit(url)yTwitt(url)y tracks the URLs flying around the Twitterverse and provides a quick, real-time view of what people are talking about on Twitter.Each time someone tweets a URL to their followers on Twitter, Twitturly takes note of it and applies it as a vote for that URL.  Whether people link directly to the final URL, use TinyURL, Snipurl (snurl), or any other URL shortening service this application  count the “votes” correctly because their spiders actually visit every single site before it gets displayed. Check out who caused the mayor viral effect that gave you the most traffic to your site! Very, very cool!


tweepularThis one is an awesomely cool Twitter Follower management application which not only lets you to buck follow and unfollow users but also check who is mutually following you, recent unfollowers (This is a much needed feature that they will hopefully release soon). The application can handle a large list of followers and it offers a nice intuitive interface, this one has worked great for me! . In the mean time while they fix the recent unfollowers tab, I’m looking for a tool to monitor people that have unfollowed me. If you know of one that does the trick please let me know in your comments!


TwitagThis is a #tag (Hashtag) finder for Twitter that facilitates and organizes the most recent content tagged by users.  You can see, group and share #tags (Hashtags). This is a useful tool to group posts related to live events (meetings, conferences, games), services (traffic, weather, emergency), memes, and so on. Neat isn’t it?

I hope you enjoyed this post, please share your thoughts and any other cool application you have found that can help us be more relevant and popular in Twitter!. Adios Amigos!

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2 pensamientos en “5 Twitter applications to improve your popularity and relevance

  1. Excelentes herramientas!!!

    Muchas gracias por compartirlas

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