State of the Twittersphere in El Salvador – We need to lead the way


rokensaOver the past months, Twitter has experienced explosive growth in many countries of the world, attracting companies, politicians, celebrities and people from different backgrounds and age.

In El Salvador many people including media, journalists, companies and organizations have started to hear, talk and even join the conversation about Twitter, (hey my wife is already using her Twitter account!) so I thought it was time to research and write about the country’s State of the Twittersphere,

el-salvador-mapFirst I went around looking for Twitter data in the region and stumbled upon the most popular Twitter users By country in Central America according to (Ranked by followers count and refreshed up to July 4, 2009. (In no particular order)


@EdnaRheiner has been a member of Twitter since March 19, 2009 and has Tweeted 4008 times since then. @EdnaRheiner follows 3961 people


@diariolaprensa has been a member of Twitter since November 12, 2008 and has Tweeted 4163 times since then. @diariolaprensa follows 41 people

El Salvador

@RichOsterude has been a member of Twitter since May 04, 2007 and has Tweeted 541 times since then. @RichOsterude follows 2303 people, I personally met Richard a few months ago and I can tell you he is a very nice, forward thinking person, very smart and humble always open to help a Tweep J  


 @filedownload has been a member of Twitter since May 09, 2007 and has Tweeted 2847 times since then. @filedownload follows 2642 people

 Costa Rica – Most followers in Central America

@EcoInteractive, with 61,779 followers and @Windbaron has been a member of Twitter since March 19, 2009 and has Tweeted 2292 times since then. @Windbaron follows 30590 people


@xavierdd has been a member of Twitter since March 15, 2009 and has Tweeted 1091 times since then. @xavierdd follows 2908 people

Twitter El SalvadorOk now let’s get down to business here are the facts I could find for El Salvador: currently there are about 1,000 guesstimated Twitter user accounts that state their location as El Salvador and/or state in their bios roots in “El Salvador”; Nevertheless we can only find 577 active accounts (roughly 60%) according to Tweep Search and 420 matches found for “El Salvador” in a Twitter directory that acts like the Yellow pages.

According to the majority of Salvadoran Twitter users (about 79%) has Cero to One Hundred Followers and the Twitter elite that has more than 1,000 followers is less than 0.9% of the total twitter population

twitterThe oldest accounts I was able to find were @omaregan (March 18/07), @calero (March 22/07), @damejiar (March 24/07), @acajutla, @victor_j (March 26/07, @FerMarroquin, @Tarkus (March 28/07), @angelvsqz (April 06/2007), @icarlx, @premiumsam01 (April 12/07) (you can find more interesting data about this using Tweepz)

El Salvador has ranked ONCE in Twitter Trending Topics, this happened when El Salvador’s national football soccer team “La Selecta” simultaneously won a game against Mexico and shut down impertinent and disrespectful words from ESPN presenter David Faitelson,

You may say this is all about pure Salvadoran Pride, we won! The game and the argument and we clearly showed him and the world we existJ

Other interesting facts are that there are different places where you can see the presence of Salvadoran Twitter-ers to give a few examples, Newspapers like La prensa Grafica @laprensagrafica, radio stations like @102nueve and TV Channels like TCS @esmitv are encouraging the use of Twitter with their aundiences, global ranking sites register Salvadoran users:, where salvadoran Tweep @queith holds the throne with a ranking of 99.5, there is even a facebook group called: Twitter-ers SALVADOREÑOS that holds virtual and face-to-face meetings and events 



In my opinion there is still much work to do, as pioneers in this Salvadoran Twitterverse we should do something to help others join Twitter, we all should know that we are the only country in Central America where Twitter is not ranked in the top 100 Alexa  traffic by country, just compare to The USA  where Twitter ranks #14 or Costa Rica where it ranks #51

I would like to appeal to our powerful Salvadoran pride, we have always been known as hard workers shinning our Guanaco values, let’s do something about this TODAY! 

I wrote this post in English because I wanted to shout this first to the biggest Twitter audience in the world, please expect the Spanish version this week.

To discuss this report on Twitter, use the hashtag #elsalvadorTwitter or start the conversation @rokensa

I would love to hear from you, please send me your feedback and thoughts about this post, all opinions are welcome!!

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15 pensamientos en “State of the Twittersphere in El Salvador – We need to lead the way

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  2. I wonder why I’m listed since may 2007 and I didn’t make the list!

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  6. nice job Rodolfo! I just have a comment about the “date” a person joined Twitter. There’s (maybe) a bug in Twitter system that shows stats of a user when you enter or change your Twitter username. For example, if you change your name right now, most of these directories and stats sites will report that you started to tweet or joined Twitter on July 5th 2009; so, this date is not so accurate at all,in most cases. I’ve changed my (official) username from @rolandoperalta to @RolandoPeralta and some of these services show my user name next to the date I’ve updated it (sometimes right, sometimes wrong) Just Twitter Grader had shown the real joining date.
    A humble recommendation that I always like to make, is that you have to back up your tweets, because Twitter deletes them if they’re 6months old.

  7. I didn’t really feel like using twitter before, until I saw the trend rapidly growing. Yup, it’s a bandwagon, however who knows how long this will go on, but as long as its popular, why not use it?.

    I mean, we can do the same thing on Facebook and Myspace (status updates), which I use much more often, however, I will continue to use Twitter as long as the world continues.

    I’m part of a committee in Houston, “Comite Olomega” and I’m currently in the process of rebuilding their website. We have also created Myspace, Facebook, Hi5, and will make a Twitter account in order for our people in Olomega, La Union to follow/communicate with us at any given time.

    Technology and social networks are rapidly advancing and becoming a part of our lives. Central America will contribute to this growing trend by word of mouth, so lets do our part and spread the word.

    Great article!

  8. Hey guys I’m @angelvsqz. I was born in El Salvador and was raised in the US. I didn’t know much about technology and much less about the internet back in El Salvador. I was 11 years old when I departed to US. I grew up to become almost professional in technology, I am usually the first to hear about certain products and services on the net. I am an active twitter member.
    To the blogger of this site, thanks for bringing us to light and spotlightting us as the first ones from Elsalvador. If you wish to contact me my email is

  9. Hi …….

    You Missed @EcoInteractive 61,635 – Costa Rica – Peace

  10. It is interesting to hear that the US is not the only place Twitter is running crazy.

  11. Nice to meet you

    I wanted to ask for your site and a mutual link and e-mailed it
    My site has access from all over the world
    By all means thanking you in advance

  12. Hey everyone!

    Please add our twitter page In addition, please check out our website at which is used in order to improve the community of Olomega in El Salvador.

    Thank you,

    David Marquez
    Comite Olomega Website Administrator

  13. MC dice:


    It could NOT be more obvious after seeng over 75% of the meaningful comments above, that you NEED to start being less geocentric and start talking to Salvadorans everywhere, especially if you want to make a dent in any aspect of our culture. Too many Salvadorans living in El Salvador are extremely preoccupied for what goes on in their tiny total area of 21,040 sq km (8,124 miles), an area about the size of Massachusetts (20,300 sq km). You might want to start familiarizing yourself with the concept of Meta-Nación and start speaking the the other 30% of the Salvadoan community living in an area of 3,537,438 square miles (9,161,923 km²). You might have a bit more success in your evangelizing…

    Here’a an article that I dug up that though a bit dated, speaks clearly to the pivotal aspects of the concept:

  14. SamP0rtillo dice:

    Justo lo que buscaba @Rokensa! Gracias!

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